Salient Features of Atul Tutorials / Why Atul Tutorials

Faculty and Team Members

Faculty’s commitment towards students and maintaining the quality are our main strengths. Teaching 10th and 12th standard students and molding them into responsible human beings is a goal Atul Tutorials works on. Experienced faculty is certainly the asset to us but to handle student’s problems; constant up gradation of analytical & innovative thinking skills is the key towards success of our institute. Faculty’s dedication & commitment towards students is monitored consistently by Atul Tutorials core team members. Our faculty members are graduates and post graduates from most reputed institutes of India. They are not only masters in their subjects but are also well experienced. The faculty comprises of renowned professionals in the respective subjects who have gone through all sorts of essential trainings. Our faculty members are determined to work meticulously and tirelessly to bring the desired results of students. They have in depth knowledge of the subject and absolutely clear and accurate with all concepts which helps in thorough knowledge sharing with students. Our team is thankful to all faculty members because of whom we are delivering unmatched teaching standards and converting the average student into the confident and special student

Teaching Pattern

Committed, Dedicated, Well Qualified, Experienced and Specialized Team of Teachers and Management to ensure definite academic success of each student.
Notes for all subjects in written and printed format prepared by expert teachers are provided to students.
Coaching of each batch of students is conducted standard wise with batch size 30 students.
Individual attention towards each student and grooming them to become confident and bright students.

Test Series

Weekly test series are conducted for students of all standards during the course.
Chapter wise test in all subjects.
Periodical preliminary exams as per school unit test, semesters (SSC Board / ICSE Board) and FA and SA exams for CBSE boards.
Three sets of preliminary exams for 10th& 12thstandard students before their board exams.
Timely evaluation of test conducted and detailed report maintaining for students progress at our end.
Solving all these test series systematically and planned manner results in improved writing abilities of students.
Our test series helps us evaluate about students progress and take necessary corrective steps to improve their performance.


  1. Atul Tutorials centers have well furnished classrooms.
  2. Computerized class management system.
  3. Classrooms are under CCTV coverage.
  4. Free reading room and library facility provided to students.
  5. Sufficient parking space is available for student’s bicycles and two wheelers.

Atul Tutorials Management System

  1. Monthly teachers and management meeting to discuss and evaluate the progress of each batch.
  2. Strictly monitoring of students attendance and updating parents on biometrics.
  3. Student and Parents feedback cell to ensure quality teaching.
  4. Completing the syllabus on time without any hassles.
  5. Revision and doubt clearing sessions conducted intensively during all exams.
  6. CCTV cameras in all premises and classrooms to supervise student activities.
  7. Workshops are conducted on Meditation, SWOT analysis, Positive thinking, Leadership development, Motivation and various other aspects of personality development during the course at periodic intervals for students as applicable.


Atul Tutorials embraces all those basic institutional values that guide the fulfillment of our Mission. We are committed to providing an environment conducive to teaching and learning; creating and expanding educational opportunities and support services.

We look forward to establish connections and associations locally, nationally, and globally in order to accomplish our mission of Providing Education atIts Best.

We seek to uphold the highest standard of ethics.